From the beach to your computer, Silicon is everywhere you want it to be.

By Sam Payne and Nick Ninkov

Used for


-Concrete/ bricks


-Silicone implants

-Computer chips

Whether on Land, air, or sea, most armor plates in the military are made with silicon compounds for their force resistance as well as lightweight structure, silicon keeps both air craft carriers and our troops safe

For the Hollywood narcissist, silicone is your best friend

Alter your body any way you see fit, for a price, and be deemed more beautiful by other narcissists

Finally, most computers and chips are made of silicon. Silicon is not cheap

98 cents per pound ain't cheap $$$

Silicon has an atomic number (protons) of 14 and an atomic mass (protons and neutrons) of 28.09.

Oh, silicon is also found in sand. Neat eh?

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