Captain of the fire department

Indirectly : Paradoxical

Beatty is characterized as paradoxical character in "Fahrenheit 451". Beatty is a book burner but has knowledge on books he's burned. An example of this would be in the story captain Beatty From reading the story one can conclude the beatty secrectly enjoys reading books. This is an indirect Characterization because in the story beatty quotes things from numerous amount of books, Which suggest that he reads alot or has alot of knowledge on books. We can gather this information based on the events in the story.

Directly : Dominant

Captain beatty was directly characterized as Dominant. One example of this is in the book montag became very uneasy around beatty as if he were scared or paranoid: "If beatty so much as breathed on them, Montag felt that his hands might wither, turn over on their sides." This is a direct characterization because the audience doesnt need to gather or try to conclude the fact that montag was paranoid or feeling guilty. The audience doesnt need to gather clues to support this information.

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