Wanted: A Few Kick Ass Bloggers

Are You Ready to #LiveLikeJulia?

Rule No. 1: Live with Abandon

Don't plan. Cut loose. Leave your phone at home. Be all in.

Rule No. 2: Play the Emperor

You are the ruler of your life.  Princess=passive (unless your name is Leia.) Change nothing about yourself.

Rule No. 3: Learn to be Amused

You don't need to have the life you want to enjoy the life you have.

Rule No. 4: Obey Your Whims

You never know what you might find at the end of an impulse.

Rule No. 5: All You Need is a Kitchen and a Bedroom

Love and food make the world go round, not thread count.

Rule No. 6: To Be Happy, Work Hard

Throw yourself into something big, even if no one cares but you (example: writing Mastering the Art of French Cooking, a book for which, at the time, there was no market).

Rule No. 7: Solve the Problem in Front of You

Live ten minutes at a time.

Rule No. 8: Cooking Means Never Saying You're Sorry

You're feeding them, aren't you?

Rule No. 9: Make the World Your Oyster (Stew)

You're never too anything for anything. Plant your flag where you stand.

Rule No. 10: Every Woman Should Have a Blowtorch

"Make every meal an occasion" sounds to me like "Live each day as though it were your last" -- just plain overwrought. People do preach it, but does anyone practice? Not me! But to love your art as well as your audience does seem to make for pretty good living, day by pleasant day.

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