Blister-a spot on your arm that has a little pain

I have a blister in my thumb.

Breathing-when we suck in air to keep our heart pumping and to stay alive we need air to survive.

I'm having trouble breathing.

Broken bone-is when u break one of Your bones and it is very painfull.

I broke my arm now I have a broken bone and it hurts

Bruise-is a part on your body that hurts.

I got a bruise on my left leg.

Burns- it is a  bruise on your body that comes from fire cement or carpet

I got carpet burns all over me

Choke- it is when something went down your throat and it is stuck u can't get it out u start coughing and it is none stop till someone gets it out it can kill u because of the none stop coughing.

He's gonna choke on the burger he is eating way too fast.


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