My best friend

Remember when you said you'd never leave...? I miss you...

Maybe there will be a day

For me to find you soon

Maybe there will come a day

That I will see you bloom

I want to know if you're ok

I want to see you smile

I need to see that happy face

Even just for a while

It's been so long, I've been so alone

Lost without you here

I need you to guide me now

Through the dark, my dear

I don't think I can take much more

Without you by my side

I need to know that you're ok

Without you I am blind

My best friend the one and only

I still wish you'd knock on my door

You'd say hello darling have you missed me?

Then we'd talk some more

But now I realise you're gone forever

You're never coming back

I wont ever forget you

You kept me on the right track

The years I've known you

have been the best of my life

Now you have to go

And I have put down the knife

I'm staying strong

for you my friend

You've kept me from

Facing the end

For being my friend

My beautiful boy

I hope your world

Is filled with joy

Maybe sometime in the future

We will meet again

But for now I'll let you live

And wait until then