World War One Photo Essay

Causes of the war

Mutual defense agreements helped a country when it was attacked because its alliance would defend them. #imperialism

Weaponry and technology of the war

Tanks were used for transporting people, weapons, and bombs.
Blimps were used to drop bombs. #blimpbombs #totalwar
Planes were loaded with rockets and other weapons to shoot down from above. #totalwar

Soldier life during the war

A soldiers face destroyed from a bomb. #totalwar
Soldiers traveled by horses.

Civilian life during the war

Local civilian killed and stripped of his boots and socks.
Women volunteered for the American Red Cross to try and get others to support the war as well.

Impact of the war

People had to be careful not to step in unexploded bombs in fields.
Fields were left with giant craters in them from bombs.
The battle fields were left barren and full of trenches and other indents.