Whooping cough

Ashlyn Williford  12/6/14 Core 3

Pertussis mostly affects children and infants, Pertussis starts off with mild cold then follows with a severe coughing fit and when inhaling for air a "whooping" sound is made. The coughing lasts around 6 weeks until it subsides. Pertussis also causes coughing, fainting, and vomiting after coughing. Coughing can causes rib fractures and urinary incontinence.

You have to get a laboratory diagnose and get a culturing of nasopharyngeal swabs. The bacteria can be recovered from the patient only during the three weeks of illness.

Pertussis was discovered by Jules Bordet and Octave Gengou in 1906. While trying to fine a cure, the Japanese scientist Yuji Sato developed an acellular pertussis vaccine consisting of purified .

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