New Years Data:

Peyton Beckwith

with whom do you spend new years with?

Friends: 13% Family: 49% friends & family: 38%

Do you go anywhere special for new years?

yes: 71% No: 29%

host or attend a party: yes:70% No: 30%

Set off fireworks?

yes:48% No:64%

Do you watch other peoples fireworks?

yes: 59% no: 41%

Do you watch the ball drop?

yes:71% no:29%

Do you stay up until midnight?

Yes:95% No:5%

Do you eat or drink special foods or drinks?

Yes:14% No:86%

Do you celebrate New years on a day other than the 1st?


do you watch football on new years day?

yes:64% no:36%

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