Medieval Vikings

By: Reese Graulich

A Medieval Viking Ship.

The Vikings lived here, in Sweden.

Weapons Of The Vikings

Some Medieval weapons that the Vikings used in battle.

The bows were used for hunting and in war. The spear was most commonly used by the peasants of Scandinavia. The ax was less expensive than a sword and was a common tool. The sword was used by the more wealthy fighters. You could protect yourself with a shield and hit people with it.

Viking Armor

Medieval Viking Helmet

The helmets were made of iron with a rounded top. We don't know if the horned helmets were ever used in battle.

Medieval body armor

The body armor could have been made out of chain mail, cloth or metal.

Medieval boats

Medieval Knarr

The knarrs were used in the early Middle Ages. They were like a Cargo Ship.

Medieval C

This ship could also carry cargo. It was used in the High Middle Ages.

A Painting of A Medieval Vikings.

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