Duke Energy, Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Duke Energy has been illegally pumping coal ash into the Dan River. At least 70 miles of the river has been covered in the sludge.

Duke Energy has almost three dozen coal ash pits like this one.

61 million gallons of contaminated water was pumped into the Cape Fear River by Duke Energy.

In my opinion...

Duke Energy is solely responsible for the environmental and health violations they've caused.

Quite a bit of the sludge contains cancerous chemicals. This is dangerous for obvious reasons.

Pumping coal ash into rivers is unethical because it is highly dangerous for not only humans, but wildlife and the environment as well.

Duke Energy didn't have a stormwater permit, which would allow them to legally discharge rainwater into rivers and lakes.

The only company that should be responsible for cleaning up the gigantic mess they've made is Duke Energy.