Homo Sapiens

Early modern human

Homo Sapien skull

Homo Sapiens originated in Africa between 35,000 and 12,000 b.c.e. Their nicknames are the "the doubly wise man" and the "early modern human". They migrated to Europe, Asia,and what is now the United States.

They were about 5 feet tall. They had large brains, because of their large brains, they had a high rounded skull.

They made tools like a bow, a spear thrower, hooks, and spears to help them catch fish, and hunt animals that lived in the area.

They sewed animal skins together, and made needles to their sewing easier.They needed more clothing because they had only a little bit of hair unlike the neanderthal and earlier.

They painted and carved shapes,animals that they hunted, some imaginary animals, and their beliefs and religions.

Homo Sapiens had the ability to make better shelter, tools, and clothing, since they had bigger brains than the early humans before them.

They needed to make super strong weapons and tools so that they wouldn't need to waste resources making weak tools. They also had to make warm clothes because they didn't have that much hair. Their shelters became very safe and warm during cold storms and could be cold in the desert heat.

Before and After

Homo Sapien Sapiens (early modern humans) are the very closest to us of all of our relatives. The last of the ape that we used to be. They lost all their hair they had as an ape and adapted to being human. Here is a before and after from the Austropithecus to the Early Modern human.



Homo Sapiens originated in Africa and Migrated all over the world!

The Homo Sapien(modern human) originated In Africa. The red dot shows Africa.

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