I breath, I live and I eat

I breath

I live

and I eat

They judge me for what I do

Tell me it's not something to do

As if I didn't already know the 'does' and 'don't'...

But no one sees

What society's 'perfect girl'

Does to simple girls like me

Because to fit in

We have to be thin

What happened to being unique?

Because now being different rimes with low esteem

How do I breath when my lungs are wheezing for fat free... air?

I breath

I live

and I eat

The looking glass distort my image

Fueling my mind with lies through those broken eyes

But, no one can hear me through my broken cries

Because Society's too blind to help us out

To help us find a way out would mean to tear down the legend of the 'perfect girl'

And no one wants to harm Society's baby girl

I breath

I live

and I eat

So I try to fit in

I look up to that 'perfect girl'

I want to be that 'perfect girl'

I need to be that 'perfect girl'

Perfection is Beauty, in spite of all

I live

I try to fit in

I want to fit in society

It's getting hard to eat

Purging every day is a vicious cycle

There is no place for my wounded heart

So I try to fit in better

I can't breath

My lungs are torn and in between is a decaying heart

I couldn't fit

Because I wasn't thin

I couldn't breath

Because I wasn't thin

and I couldn't eat

Because I had to be thin

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