The Play

Sentry: I wouldn't say I'm out of breath from running, King, because I stopped every few minutes to think about what I'll be saying, I felt like going back. I kept thinking to myself "You idiot, you're walking right into a trap."; but then I thought " If I let someone else get the news to Creon first, it'll be even worse for me." But common sense won out, at least I hope it was common sense, and here I am with a story that doesn't make much sense at all; but I'll tell you anyway, because as they say, what's going to happen is going to happen, and-

Creon: Spit it out. What is it?

Sentry: It's horrible,... I don't know how to say it.

Creon:Say it already

Sentry:I hadn't done it nor did I see the man that did. Please now that you know don't punished me for I hadn't did anything wrong.

Creon: An understandable defense it'd be better if I knew why you said it. So why?

Sentry: It's horrible I don't know what to say.

Creon: Out with it!

Sentry: Well then:

That dead man-


Out there


Dirt on his body

Someone gave him a burial that way and gone...

Sentry: I swear I don't know! You have to believe me!

The ground was dry, no signs of digging, Not a wheel track in the dirt, not a trace of anyone. It was when we switched in the morning; and one of them, the corporal, pointed it out. There it was, the strangest-

Look: The body just powdered over with dirt, you see?

Not buried really, but they covered it just enough for the ghost peace. There was no sign of dogs or any wild animal that had been there.

And then you should have seen it! Everyone just accusing each other, we all proved that the other man did it, we all had proof that we could not have done it. We were ready to burn our hands on iron, walk through fire, swear by all the elders

Sentry: I'm not clear about who did it but it wasn't me. I had to tell you the news someone had to be the one that broke it out to you. We had flipped a coin as bad luck came to me. So here I stand with no smile on my face. No one had liked a man that comes with bad news.

Choragos: I have been thinking my king,is it possible our elder one could have done this.

Creon: Stop I tell you! Are you going crazy you think our elder one did this our elders favor the corpse . Why? How have he served them. The elder one would never honor a bad man. My men have schemed against me in alleys. These are the men and they have payed my guards to do so.

Money! There's nothing in the world as demoralizing as money. Down go your cities, Homes gone, Men gone, honest hearts corrupted, Evilness of all kinds and all for money.

Sentry:My King can I speak my mind?

Creon: The sound of your voice makes me want to be the one that has died.

Sentry:Sir, are you sure that it is my voice, maybe it's your conscience.

Creon: By God, he want to test me now.

Sentry: It's not what I said, but what has happened that has hurt you.

Creon: You talk too much.

Sentry: Maybe, but I've done nothing wrong

Creon: Sold your soul for silver it's what you've done.

Sentry: How dreadful it is when the right judges the wrong!

Creon: Your figures of speech,

May entertain you now; but unless you bring me the man, You will get little profit in the end.

Sentry: "Bring me the man"-!

I'd like nothing better than bringing him the man!

But bring him or not, you have seen the last of me here.

At any rate, I am safe.

Sentry: "bring me the man" I wouldn't mind bringing a man to justice. But this is the last you will see me at any rate. I am safe!

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3 years ago

Great work, Dontae and Daisah!