Five Of My Favorite Brands

1.Pen- Paper:Mate

2.Skinny Jeans-H&M

3.Mocha-Caribou Coffee

4.Dresses/Tops-Charlotte Russe


1. Two of my favorite brands is Dress and Tops at Charlotte Russe and Coats with Sweater at Burlington.

2. These two brands first gained my loyalty by the beauty and the sale price.

3. They would treat their employee badly and increase the price of the things in the store.

1. What do popular Logos have in common? What makes them memorable?

The popular logos in the videos and my own favorite brands have small with big fonts and neat letters. It have bright colors, symbol, and design to the brands. You'll see all the signs or brands of that popular logo when going everywhere.

2. If you were to make a logo for yourself, What would it be? Explain.

I would make my own logo as the fashion design of clothes for teenagers and juniors. It something where it makes me feel really proud and good about myself because of the beauty and the design. Fashion design of clothes bring me idea and gives me courage to make new things.

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