Galilean Moons

Jupiter has 4 main moons. Io, Calliso, Europa, Ganymede.

moon: Io

Io is the 3rd largest of Jupiter's moons. With a mass of 89,319,379,731,108,900,000,000 kg. Io is 421,800 km away from Jupiter. It takes Io 1.769 earth days to make a full rotation. Io is made out of molten sulfur. The most common gas on Io is sulfur dioxide.

moon: Callisto

Callisto has a mass of 1.07 x 10^23. The common gas of Callisto is carbon dioxide. It takes Callisto  16.6890184 earth days to orbit Jupiter.

moon: Europa

Europa has a mass of 47, 998, 438, 387, 492, 700, 000, 000 kg. It takes Europa 3.551181041 earth days to make one full orbit. Europa's common mass is oxygen.

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