The Proper Care and Feeding of the Mind

Mike Morgan - a pizza guy

What are you feeding your mind? If we have a cat or a dog, we make conscious decisions about what we feed them. We read the labels on the pet food and try to make the best decisions for them. If we have kids we, we keep them at the table way past their bedtime to make sure they eat their vegetables. We do these things because we understand that it matters what goes into our children and our pets. We also do this with ourselves. We agonize over how many sugary treats we have had. Our grandmother told us that we are what we eat, and we believe it. So why do we forget about what we are feeding our minds? Our mind will feed at the trough of our day whether we prepare a nutritious meal or not. We will take in the environment and absorb the thoughts that we allow to sprout and grow in our minds every day. What thoughts are we allowing to take hold in our minds today? Are we consciously looking for motivation to keep us moving? Are we allowing our dreams to run free and happily develop in our minds? Are we reveling in appreciation for the people and things we currently have in our life? If we are not doing these things, don’t worry, our minds won’t starve. Life is coming to bring our minds a heaping wheelbarrow full of slop each day. The recipe for this slop includes worry. self-doubt, acceptance of mediocrity, excuses, self-pity and procrastination. We must stand guard at the gates of our minds each day. Your mind is under assault each day from negativity. The thoughts we have are there because we ALLOW them to be there. We must fill our minds with a steady diet of things that make us better. How much are we reading each day? How many new concepts or ideas are we being exposed to? Seek knowledge each day. Seek happiness each day. Appreciate others each day. You are what you eat.

Here is the recipe for the Morning Soup I feed my mind every day:


Find something that puts you in a positive mindset. Quotes, videos, audio recordings, parts of books… Anything that gets your mind right to attack your daily grind.


Targeted daily activities that will push you towards your goals. Utilize the compound effect to make yourself just 1% better each day.


Look for ways to show more appreciation for people in your life. Tell people why they matter to you. Focus on what you DO have, not what you DON’T have. There will always be things you don’t have.


Teach yourself daily. Read books to fill in gaps in your knowledge. When you find a subject that interests you, specialize and read that subject to death. Talk about it. Become an expert. When you have exhausted that subject, move to the next.


Do the same thing…every single day. You can take days off from work….don’t take days off from yourself.