Brighton Beach Memoirs
                      Lizbeth Alvarado

                The Great Depression

The Great Depression was from 1929 to 1939 it was the biggest and lowest downturn of the Americas economy. The depression began after the stock market crashed and it made the economy low. Causing millions of people went out of job. Then the depression hit so hard that about 13 to 15 million Americans lost their jobs. The depression was so bad that it caused more the half of the banks to go bankrupt. Things kept getting worse and worse. President Franklin D. Roosevelt helped the economy by not giving up. When things seemed to be getting better the economy once again crashed as the start of WWII began.

                      Colleges in the 1930's

The university of Pittsburgh would've been great for someone like Eugene because he wanted to be a writer and in the 1930's the university of Pittsburgh introduced an English program.The tuition in that time was about $250 a year which was pretty cheap compared to now. the rooms were $520 and the books were $35 and that compared to now is a huge difference. some major differences between the college back then and now is that not a lot of people went to college so they could start working and get money faster to support their families while in today's society most people students attend college. Roc the panther is the mascot of the university of Pittsburgh.

Living on your own in the 1930's is also really cheap compared to the prices now. A car would approximately cost $640. gas prices were really low the were $.17. food wasn't really expensive back then either, for example a dozen of eggs were $0.18.

Stan's apology letter

Dear Mr. Stroheim

I wanted to apologize for the way i acted. i should know that i have to respect my elders. I am shamed of what i've done and i know it was disrespectful and rude. My family is in a really bad situation right now so i wanted to ask for you're forgiveness and it would be great if i could get my job back.

I believe that iv'e always done my job correctly and i strongly think that giving me my job back will only help you. I realize that that i was disrespectful but you have to know that i was standing up for a coworker. Once again I apologize.

If its too much to ask i would also want a raise. i've worked here for a long time now and i believe i deserve more money, i am not asking for a lot, just something to help my family. If you consider this, i will truly appreciate your help.



Broadway show; wicked

This show is based on the popular novel of the wizard of oz. It is the story of the evil witch. Its opening day was October 30 , 2003. The cost of the tickets start at $76.25. On the Gershwin theatre 222 west 51st street New York NY ,10019.

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