Council on American-Islamic Relations

The Council on American-Islamic Relations is a MULTI-ISSUE SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP that focuses on anti-terrorism, civil rights, and providing a muslim perspective to policy makers. CAIR is a PUBLIC INTEREST GROUP that aims not only to better the lives of muslims in the United States, but also benefit the lives of all Americans.

Connecting With Members

CAIR has DIRECT CONTACT with its members by hosting annual banquets in over 20 cities. These banquets are also attended by different local, state, and federal government officials. These banquets are very popular with the largest, being held in  Southern California, getting 2,000 attendees each year.

CAIR also keeps in contact with members by sending out DIRECT MAIL to many Muslims across the United States. Although CAIR has no MATERIAL BENEFITS to offer potential members such as free merchandise, CAIR offers members the PURPOSIVE BENEFITS of working with friends of the MUSLIM faith and benefiting the lives of others.

Role in the US Government

The Council on American-Islamic Relations plays a very active role in federal government. CAIR is considered to be LOBBYISTS with their direct contact with government officials and lawmakers. They also have plenty of PATRONS that sponsor several public events designed to bring Muslim concerns to the government.

CAIR participates in doing INSIDE LOBBYING by providing a Muslim perspective to policy makers and answering questions from government officials about issues related to Islam and Muslims. The department also promotes legislative action alerts, distributes legislative fact sheets, submits testimony to Congress.

Protection from Discrimination

CAIR protects the civil rights of all Americans regardless of faith and has served more than 25,000 victims of discrimination since its founding in 1994. Our services are often provided free of charge to the community. So if you are a high school teacher of an AP Government or an AP Literature class and are being discriminated for your Islamic beliefs, we have your back.

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