Personal Response 9/3o
In the hit show on BBC America, Orphan Black. It follows a girl Sarah who has just discovered that she is a clone and that there are five other clones that just like her out there. The reason why this relates back to viewpoints is because each clone is played by the same actress. Each of them has a separate personality and you can clearly tell what character she's playing by
the expressions and gestures she creates. In the clip below there are three of the clones. Allison, Cosima, and Beth. As you can clearly seen by the first video below
Allison, Cosima, and Beth each have their own separate personalities. This relates back to viewpoints because viewpoints is about gesture and expression.
They all have their own expressions and gestures going on. Also this relates to spacial relationship. Cosmia and Allison are shown as close to each other which shows how much they trust each other.
While Beth isn't near anyone which shows that she's an outsider.

This another example of Allison and Sarah having their own personalities. Allison is being hostile. This is another example of spacial relationship. Allison remains far away from Sarah as she can except when she's attempting to threaten her. This shows how much she doesn't like Sarah and doesn't trust her. It also shows that only time she feels comfortable being close to Sarah is to make Sarah scared of her. Which says about Allison's character. She also walks away from Sarah and turns her back on her. While Beth keeps walking towards her because she wants to be close to Allison not because she likes her Allison but because she knows she has to trust Allison.