Mate: Shellheart (formerly)

Sons: Oakheart and Crookedstar

Pelt: Rainflower is a pale gray she-cat with soft fur

Death: Head Injuries


Rainflower gives birth to Oakkit and Stormkit during a storm in an oak tree in the flood. Then later on Rainflower goes to Brambleberry's den to see Stormkit and then leaves, seeing he broke his jaw. Then when Stormkit comes back to the nursery, Rainflower gives Stormkit his own nest because he would fidgit to much for Oakkit to sleep. Then as she tells Shellheart this, Shellheart says if she keeps treating Stormkit like this they could not be mates. Then as they break up Rainflower renames Stormkit to Crookedkit. Then during the rest of Crookedstar's Promise she ignores him and walks away from him. Then later she dies because slips and falls in the river and hits her head to hard, then dies of this.