By Laura Hess


Tahiti is located 2,734 miles south of Hawaii, 4,909 miles from Chile, and 3, 542 miles from Australia. Tahiti is located in the continent of Australia and is border by the Pacific Ocean. Tahiti is located in  the French Polynesia, but is still considered a country.


November to April is the wet season for Tahiti, January is the wettest month of the year. May to October is the dry season and August is the wettest time of the year. Tahiti is a tropical area in Pacific so most of it is tropical weather.

Popular Places

Some of the more popular places to visit in Tahiti are, Bora Bora, Mo’orea, Papeete, Tahaa, and Arue. Some popular attractions are Motu Ovini Park, Tahiti Safari Expedition, and Scuba Tek Tahiti. Tahiti is a tropical island, so there are many beaches and water side attractions.


Tahitians keep their ancestors traditions and culture. Their belief is that gods and warriors went on adventures which developed into the imaginative legends they are today. Gods threw javelins and Kings favored surfing. The Tahitians culture is rich in their belief of welcoming visitors to its many islands. Tahiti also celebrates the Chinese New Year, they also have a guitar festival The Rangiroa Channel Race is in may and is a canoe race in a small channel.

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