Royal Pin

Join the After School Blast Program!

Royal Pin has regular bowling, cosmic bowling, a huge arcade, a snack area, lots of incentives, and more!

     Come on down to Royal Pin's After School Blast Program!  We have cosmic and regular bowling, an arcade, snack areas, incentives, and more! With your purchase of only $7.99, you get 1 hour of bowling with shoes, $5 in arcade tokens, fries, and a small drink  We are located ar four different bowling alleys all around Indiana (Western, Southern, Expo, and Woodland bowling centers).  To contact us, please call 317-881-8686 (Southern Bowl).

      Some examples of the incentives the After School Blast Program provides includes a variety of prizes, coupons, competitions, and even a customer loyalty program.  The arcades at the Royal Pin bowling alleys are the best in this world!  We have a HUGE variety of prizes to choose from for your tickets.  Believe it or not, we have over 150 different arcade games!  Last but not least, the After School Blast Program has daily cosminc bowling!

Come on down to Royal Pin!

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