Eight Amazing Facts About The Atmosphere

Fact #1: The Atmosphere is important because it keeps some of the sun's rays out so we don't burn to death.

Fact #2: The Pressure gets lower, or decreases.

Fact #3: There are 4 layers of the Atmosphere- The Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, and the Thermosphere.

Fact #4: The Thermosphere is the layer that we live in, and also creates weather. It is also the coldest layer.
The Stratosphere is the second layer. It has the Ozone layer in it, which protects us from the sun's heat. It gets warmer here.
The Mesosphere is the third layer. It protects us from meteors. Unlike the Stratosphere, this layer gets colder.
The last layer is the Thermosphere, which includes the Exosphere and the Ionosphere. This layer gets hotter because the sun strikes it first. The Auroras/Northern Lights happen here.

Fact #5: The earth is so big that the Atmosphere is really thin.

Fact #6: The Greenhouse Effect is what happens when the Atmosphere keeps the Earth warm.

Fact #7: Without the Atmosphere, The Earth would be really hot during the day, and really cold at night.

Fact#8: It keeps space junk, like little pieces of rock from crashing into Earth.

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