Make Hair Growth Reversible With Minoxidil

It is possible to initiate regrowth of hair with Minoxidil 5%or 2% by making it act upon active follicles on your scalp. Within 1-2 years of continuous use of this product, it is possible to ensure that the regrowing speed of your hair will far exceed the speed of balding. As a result, presence of flowing and healthy tresses with regular use of this medication becomes inevitable. One of the reasons why Minoxidil is so effective is that it diffuses to areas other than where you apply it. As a result, it will cover more regions on your scalp expanding its beneficial effects significantly.

When you apply it, the deeper layers of your scalp will store Minoxidil and help in its distribution. Because of its potent effects, specialists do not recommend the 5% variety to women as it may initiate growth of hair in the forehead and the eyebrow region as well. In order to get the best effects associated with such high quality hair growth product, it is important to apply it on a regular basis without fail. This will surely optimize the associated effects and finally you will be able to say goodbye to baldness forever.

Recommended Minoxidil for womenis of the 2% variety as in the female sex the presence of baldness is different from the males. Also, here it is important to limit the growth of the hair to specific regions on the scalp as extending anywhere beyond it may give rise to additional difficulties. In order to get the best results it is important to follow the advice of the specialists as well as the application instructions provided with the product itself. Ideally, you should use 1-1.5 ml solution during every application and restrict it to 2 times max on a daily basis.

Also, make sure to apply it only upon your dry scalp and never directly after taking showers. However, permeability of damp scalp is more and as such may lead to improved results with Minoxidil. Still, this is something you should avoid especially if there is any suspicion of systematic absorption. Some of the precautions to take during the use of this product are as follows.

  • Wash hands thoroughly post-application
  • Do not apply on pimples or scars on scalp
  • Systematic absorption can happen through injured fingers
  • Ideally use the applicator or even distribution and effective application

It will be wrong to expect miracles from day one of starting the use of Minoxidil. Some shedding during the early days is normal because presence of a stimulant initiates still exogen phase leading to production of thicker new shafts. You may lose some of your existing hair giving way to the growth of luxuriantly healthy tresses that improve your appearance significantly and resultantly restores your self-confidence. Many people stick to 2 times application on a daily basis for at least two years to get the desired results with this product before switching to more conservative ones, on an everyday routine.

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