Celebrating the Life of
Betty (Bessie Glover) Gardner

Born October 23, 1919 - 94 Years of Fabulousness in 2013

An Inspirational Diva

Original Diva: socialite, wife x3, mother of 1, nana of 2, assemblywoman, world traveler, savvy investor, inspiration.

Notes for bio: Dad was born a slave, had 2sisters that passed for white - they never had kids/ born Oct 23, 1919 in atlanta/ dad got job in chicago as private police officer fir bank in chicago and sent for kids one by one -she was 2 so one of first to go/ as a child Uncle always came to visit her and 7 siblings with Silver Dollar coins/her mom had special pew saved evry sunday/enjoyed family piano time - brother tap danced on amatuer hour on tv/nephew was in boy band like the platters/she was Covergirl-Model with show stopper died to match poodles /was socialite during heighday of cotton club in harlem and coconut grove in los angeles and chicagos "butchs place" tavern owned by her brother butch in chicago/skilled seanstress made own dill clothes and later fashions in high school and later was entrprenuer of Betty's Button/known for wearing minks - had private Furrier that used to send mink trimmed cigarette and card holders, phone dialers, jeweled pins and more /was hair stylist to stars at BobKindell salon on sunset strip in beverly hills/was elected senior congresswoman in crenshaw district /married 3 times - first time in 1936 eloped with dochee near 18 parents were mad/ then married honore of jamaica / was engaged to tv producer tommy but he passed suddenly / in 1950's married gardner, moved to calif in 1952, had only child in 1961, divorced when she was small and never married again but co-parented till he passed during her high school years./visited family in Chicago Michigan, and Ohio nearly every Christmas as daughter grew up/ took daughter on hawaii vacation/ traveled and cruised with clubs and groups to africa, china, and more/ visited jamaica again this time celebrating alycia's start of law school with alycia, her hubby eustace, toddler kierra and friends the pointer family who celebrated karen's law school graduation.


The number 23 holds special meaning for Betty - not only was she born on the 23rd of October, but her mother, Carrie Randall Glover, often recited the 23rd Psalm to her - so poignant and comforting are the words, that Betty has committed it to memory and enjoys reciting it with her Chaplain, Sarah, as they read regularly from the Giant Print Bible, occasionally reverently shared with bedside communion. Betty says, "You can find everything you need in the Bible."

"They say such nice things about people at their funerals that it make me sad to realize I'm going to miss mine by just a few days."'Garrison Keillor, radio storyteller

"If you look good and smell good, you feel good!" Betty Gardner, Original Diva.

Betty thanks those of you taking time in 2013, in person or in heart, to surround her with your goodness and love, as she celebrates 94 years of Life in the Fabulous Lane!

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