Colonial Living

By:Thomas McQuietor&Robbie Corlie

The colonial people had BIG changes back then.The youngest child all ways had to clean the toilet bowl.They did not have that much money then.A village all ways had a blacksmith the blacksmith's job is to make iron tools for the village.The Tompkins had Nine kids!The Tompkins family had a candle wax hole and pot to dip candle's in you would have to dip the candles 40 threw 60 times!In the school's you would have to do these rules or you have  consequences.

Rules:Sit up straight,Only speak when spoken to,No questioning the expected,No talking till break.

Consequences:Spanked in hand by a ruler,Sit by a girl,Ware the dance hat,Right down 100 times I will not do...

Thomas McQuietor


Robbie Corlie