Siudy Avila                         P.4th
  My PAAc Digital Portfolio 2014-15

Fashion Design        

I spent a year creating a projects that I should be proud of! One of them is when we did the fashion Design. Where we had create our own logo & put it on what we were going make like & Tanktops,Hoodies,Pants.& I put on Tackk I wrote about it how much it coast & more info about the fashion I made.I made a few other tackk about fashion

E-Mails & Blogs

I did a Blog out whats my favorite game & why I explain why it was my favorite game & I give goo reasons why you should play that game to go to my blog go.Go check out what I wort about my favorite game & what play when I'am bored.


i Worte a e-mail to my teacher teeing her what I learn about that week something i didn't know & it new to me i had to sen d her email telling her, If y'all wanna go check it go heres the link to go to it.

Desktop Publishing/pages

I did a letter in pages about not wearing uniform in middle school & giving good reason not to wear uniform & that there is kids lets say students that don't like to wear uniform will most kids don't like to wear uniform & i wrote to that how students should be confutable in school & wearing uniform is not for some students.


You can edit pictures cut things out & add some many pic in one pictures & make it look real like fi came like that & you can do so many things in a picture if you use photoshops & know how use it.

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