Email Etiquette

By: Cassidy Carson Brown

1. Do not write in ALL CAPS. Example: It is important to not write in ALL CAPS because someone might think you are yelling at them.

2. Avoid long sentences. Example:If you do long sentences it will take a long time to get the point when you mean to tell someone something important and they don't want to read it all.< This is to long of a sentence.

3.Do not use text-speak. Example: If u use txt spek som1 might nt no wht u men and gt confused and nt no wht u r tryin to tell them and nt read it in the 1st place.

4.Try to keep the email brief. Example: Get to the point in a short sentence.

5. Check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Example: (if) something is not capitalized then it looks like you (dont) know how to type properly.

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