County Extension Agent

An County Extension Agent is someone who teaches people about agriculture and home economics in a specific county. They also plan things like county fairs and 4-h competitions. They are often 4-h club leaders as well.

Skills needed

- deliver and monitor a food and nutrition program

- plan, organize, and conduct nutrition workshops or meetings

- provide information and advice directly to people

- report on program result and acomplishmentsk

These skills are needed to insure proper and all the information is given. The skills are used for teaching, planing, and informing people on information. Such as results on contest or paper work due dates.



- consumer education

- economics

- business accounting

- entrepreneurship

- retail management

- consumer behavior

- early childhood education

- culinary arts

- community issues

Length and university option

A bachelors in family and consumer science takes 4 years. One school that offers this degree is Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts. As of 2013 the tuition was $59,200 per semester


In this profession you can make anywhere from $36,300-49,500. The common payment is around $41,000.


It's not hard to get a job as a extention agent because it is not commonly applied for. There are around 3,144 extention agent job in America. I found 64 positions open in the U.S. and 18 just in Texas. The field isn't likely to die away any time soon. It is a broad field and is currently expanding.


The benefits of this job are making a difference in kids lives by teaching them. It also allows you to spend time in nature, or share home skills with others.

Similar Careers

One similar career is as a agriculture or home economic teacher, which is the same as an extension agent only for a school. Another similar career is as a nutrition consultant.

About me

I have grown up in 4-h meaning I know the organization. I also love teaching, and this allows me to do that with small groups of children. I love being in nature and helping people stay healthy, which are both parts of this career.


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