Why You Should Read Science Fiction

Science Fiction is a good genre to read. It involves new inventions, futuristic things, unknown settings and objects, and gives a warning for humankind. Do you like time travel? Science fiction does lots of that in books and movies. Most science fiction stories are set on other planets, under the water, usually in the future, etc. Science fiction gives you a reason to explore different things that could happen. It helps you to have an imagination. Some science fiction stories include aliens. We have never been to another dimension, so there could be another life form out there. Such as the movie Avatar, which has many futuristic details and involves traveling to another planet. Other stories such as Transformers, involves man vs. machine wars. It was set in the future dimension. The machines planned to destroy all humankind. Science fiction is very good in some ways, but some people get confused. They can not wrap everything around their head. If you really try to understand it, science fiction can be very interesting and you will love it. Just put your mind out there!

This is an example of futuristic worlds.

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