The middle-ages

by:emma j.

Charlemange-800 a.d.

On Christmas day Charlemange was crowned emporer by the pope in Rome.

This event is important in history because, it changed the fate of the people who lived there at that by time adding culture to that area, for instance latin and western.

Charlemange's ruling helped clear the tention between the pope and Constaninople.

  • Charlemange was also the king of the Franks: every king was suppose to be a warrior king.
  • To the Byzantines, this was outrageous. They felt that the pope had committed a serious breach of faith, as they looked on Charlemagne as a barbarian.
  • Throughout his conquests, Charlemagne was responsible for the death of masses of people who refused to accept Christianity, or their new king. Choosing to keep faith with their old gods and leaders, many thousands were slaughtered.

Charlemange dies 814 A.D.

Charlemage dies without leaving competent sucsessors to continue the glory of the Carolingian dynasty. His sole surviving son Louis the Pious, divides his inheritance between his own three sons.

  • After Charlemagne's death, continental coinage degraded and most of Europe
    resorted to using the continued high quality English coin until about 1100 A.D.
  • After Louis divided his inheritace between his sons, they engaged in civil war.

Charlemange's death was important because it's the passing of a great emporer, and the start of period of unsucsessful leaders(Louis s, Pepin gs, Louis 2 gs, Charles gs)

This event is important because, it shows how people thought back then compared to how we think now:

n0w&then compare&contrast

  • Now: Now a'days, when we inherte things we would be more likely to sell it for moola (money, cash, bucks, dallors, bills, ect.)
  • Then: Back in the day, you'd start a civil war, or a battle for the land that thee inhereted.

              Thoughts by: Emma Johnson

johnXII 955 A.D.

John XII becomes pope at the age of eighteen and rules for nine years.

  • His title as pope exemplifies the decline of value of the church in the early medevil period.
  • Local lords established control over the churches and monasteries. The church officials are often unqualified for the task.

This event is important to history because it is the beginning of a change in church, the power  will be looked at less and it will lose its place as almost secondary ruler.

John's well being as a pope shows the loss of true christianity: meaning the popes don't have learning and don't have high enough standards to be able to tell people Gods way, (having read from the bible, which they didn't).

matilda captures stephen 1141 A.D.

Matilda captures Stephen at battle of lincon, and reigns.

  • It was terrible when she reigned because, she was stronge in violence. she is driven out by a popular rising. Stephen is restored.
  • However, her perceived arrogance alienated many of her supporters and she were never crowned.

This was a important to history because it showed the society's stairs, (how people back then might attempt to gain respect in society).

But this event also showed the public reactions to how people chose to be treated  for instance, they preferred Stephen over fierce Matilda.

Leopold 1193 A.D.

Leopold hands Richard over to Emporer Henry VI, who demand ransom

  • Duke Leopold avenged himself for being
    insulted at Acre by imprisoning King Richard in Durnstein Castle (1192 A.D.).
  • Holy Roman Emperor Henry was the first to be informed of King
    Richard's capture and wrote triumphantly to King Philip of France: 'Leopold, Duke of Austria, has captured King Richard in a humble house in the vicinity of Vienna.' (1193 A.D.)

This event showed Henry's cruelness, he didn't want to take his brother back he even used ransome as a reason not to get Richard back.

Henry was to be known as a terrible king after his creulty and turned the public against him.