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Razer Blade- The skinniest laptop in the world. Just as it is skinny don't assume it is not powerful. This is twice as powerful as a macbook pro and only 0.5 inches more. Comes preinstalled with Windows 8.1 and is touch screen. This is the laptop for gamers and hard workers. This is a great product ranging from $2100-$3000.

The iPhone 6- Apple has unleashed its largest phone yet, revealing all new things you can do. If you like samsung well... I guess you should switch. The display is now a sapphire display making it literally indestructible but.... The iPhone 6 Plus is not take a look. The middle of the iPhone 6 Plus is very weak that's  why.

Beats- These are the worlds greatest sound reduction headphones. They are know in gold and new colors. Apple has taken control of beats and now they have changed it completely. If I were you I would buy them know. These are the headphones of the future. To prove it is the greatest sound reduction headphones watch this.

Battlefield 4- This is the game of the year. It has introduced many mechanics you can't do in other games. Gamers are very hype towards the release. Ea has said that if this game is a hit they will release a sequel which gamers will be looking forward too. EA electronics has released multiplayer footage at E3 take a look.

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