Next Tackk Series

Hey guys I don't know what to Tackk about next so I'm going to give some ideas I'm having and I want you guys to vote on the one your most interested about.

Florida Trip

I'm going to Florida on Friday so I could post pictures of what I did and things I love doing there.


I'm really into doing crafts in the summer months. So I would post things I might do in the summer.


I know I already have a Tackk post on this. But for this one I'm thinking about doing quotes.

My Weekly schedule

This Tackk would just be the things I do in an average week.


This one is where you give me an idea of what I should do.

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2 years ago

Agree with @PusheenCats! DIY projects are so fun 😄

2 years ago

Florida Trip! That would be so cool!

2 years ago

I'll definitely try to do both l. @pusheenCats , @PlainJane , and @marthak I might end up getting the Florida trip up sooner just due to the time that I'm leaving

2 years ago