OneAware and F.A.S.T. Protection
(Basics Class)

Sunday March 10th 1:30-5:00 pm Hampshires Sports and Fitness Club Milford NH

What is this event?

We Systematically Transform Fear in to Empowerment. Concerns over personal safety to

Get in, get here.

Pre-Register as Space is Limited — $50/person, ages 16 and older.

A little history.

For five years, Rescued Pups has served up a big pancake breakfast to increase awareness of a certain illness and to raise money to treat dogs and cats with that illness. Your support has saved 11 cats and four dogs since 2008, and helped prevent countless more from becoming afflicted.

Pitch in!

Want to volunteer? Rescued Pups needs bakers, cooks, setup/tear-down/clean-up helpers, door and service workers. Breakfast for volunteers is on the house!

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