Harlem Renaissance

A Black Revolution

The Harlem Renaissance was an African American cultural movement in Harlem that had been a predominately white section of New York City. This explosion of black culture in the northern cities was sparked by the great migration (Seen immediately below). WWI provided many African Africans with jobs and a new opportunity in the north that they desperately wanted. This new mobility led to an exchange of cultures along with a rise of black culture that was often sponsored by white beneficiaries.

Here we see art from the Harlem Renaissance. This painting not only is a direct result of the renaissance itself but also depicts the culture of the 1920's. Jazz clubs and Speakeasys such as the one below became a staple for African Americans in the cities. Especially Harlem.   

The Cotton Club
Black and White?

The Cotton Club was/is a famous Jazz club that could be considered controversial for African American culture and growth. As I had mentioned above there were many white sponsors of African American art. The Cotton Club was no different, what was worse was the fact it was segregated. It catered only to the white public, specifically the rich white public. More details can be found here about the club. Keep an eye out for who exactly was allowed to perform for the club and why.


Harlem Rent Parties

The Harlem Rent Parties were ran by black families around Harlem for the high prices of housing in the cities. Many prominent African Americans such as WEB Dubois looked down upon these parties as he thought it was a necessity of a lower class of people that led to crime in the community. Below is a song by Bessie Smith is about these gatherings where Pigsfeet and Beer were often included in the festivities. This highlights once again the amazing culture with an artist like Bessie Smith singing here about another controversial issue in the black community during the Renaissance.     

The Famous Ones

Take a look below on the link to some famous renaissance performs and writers such as Langston Hughes and Duke Ellington


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