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A softball hitting fire and water

I bet that once in your lifetime you have thought that Softball was pretty much exactly like Baseball well you were… not completely right! Sure softball has some things that are common with baseball but not that much. Softball’s field is much more different than baseball. First of all softball has a smaller field. Here is a picture showing you the difference:

Baseball also has a smaller ball than Softball. Softballs are 12 inches for 12 and up girls and for girls that are playing 10 and under softball play with a 10 inch ball. You also might say, “What about the bat?” And I say, “Yes” it is different! If you play softball and you are playing about 8 and under ball, then it will be the same bat size as the Baseball Major Leagues. If you are older than that then you would be playing with a bigger bat so you can hit the bigger ball.

George Hancock is who invented softball. He made this game on Thanksgiving day 1887. He saw some men with a metal pole and boxing gloves. The man with the boxing gloves threw it at the man with the pole and that man hit it. This gave Hancock an idea, Why not have an indoor baseball? This idea became big and people gave it a new name: softball. Soon Hancock made better equipment for the boys. Softball became big around the country especially, Minneapolis.

You may have heard of the team named the Rockford, Peaches. This was the first all girls baseball team. These girls were very good and got very popular. Everyone thought that baseball was for boys not girls, but they were wrong! The Peaches were really really good and made it it into history. They made a movie about this and might want to check it out!



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