Copying & Society


-People make copied inventions cause they're cheaper to make and easier to sell

-62% percent of patent lawsuits are over software

-Original creations cant compare to the price of copies

-LUCA- Last universal common ancestor

-Loss aversion- avoiding losses, acquiring gains

-Memes- ideas, behaviors, skills

-Software patent protects people from stealing ideas with technology

-Sample and Patent trolls (Paul Allen & Bridgeport Music)

-Intellectual property, legal recognized exclusive rights to creations of the mind

-Social Evolution theory, Copy Transform, Combine; take ideas from other products or media, fix it up a little so It doesn't seem totally copied, and combine them with your own ideas.

    I think all people should know these terms because if when theyre older they end up working for a job that involves copyrighting or patents they would want to know these ahead of time so they have an advantage on other people applying for the job or even not to get fired. Learning this was kind of fun, I hated how the videos were so long but they made me realized how many things are copied that ive liked my whole life, like my old favorite movie series, Star Wars and me and my dad's old favorite band, Led Zeppelin.

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