Being loyal to your family is important.

Always be loyal to your flesh and blood, never shut anyone out because at any moment you are going to need that very person you told you "hate" and "never want to see again" or "your done with them". Your always going to need your family cause at the end of everyday, there the ones who love you with all there heart , whether they want to admit it or not. I know some family do unbelievable things that cannot be forgiven , but at the end of the day you must forgive to be forgotten .

Laws of Gods tradition are more important than laws made by the government.

Gods laws and commandments are way more important than the governments laws. God made his laws for us to be safe and love one another. To not harm and to not be punished. The government laws is to tell us what we can and cannot do, to restrain us from our God  given rights and to make people feel low in anyways they can if they do not abide by their rules.

Our lives are fated to play out in certain ways.

Everything happens for a reason, everyone you meet In your life is meant to bring you down and make you stronger or give u life and encouragement and eventually be a lesson. The people you touch around you determines you're life sentence.

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2 years ago

Dajuana, strong writing and ideas. Make sure that you have specific examples to validate your opinions.