VCR #2 Presentation

Sam Levinson


Sacer: sacred

adj. sacred (often used ironically)

If anyone touches my dessert there will be serious consequences, chocolate cake is sacrosanct to me.  


Sanctus: holy

n. A sacred place;any place of refuge

On a bad day, my room is a sanctuary where I can  listen to music and, I am able to find piece from the turmoil of  the outside world.


Sanctus: holy

n. A penalty for breaking with law or custom

The USA put North Korea on sanctions because they would not communicate or cooperate with the rest of the world.


Hieros: Holy, sacred

n. A group organized by rank

In the family hierarchy, the grandparents were held in great esteem.


Pio: to appease

n. meager portion of anything, especially a salary or allowance.

After cleaning the whole house I made a pittance compared to my brother who only washed one car.

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