Benjamin Netanyahu

About Ben:

Full Name: Benjamin Netanyahu.

Occupation: Prime Minister.

Birth Date: October 21, 1949

Place of Birth: Tel Aviv, Israel

Benjamin spent most of his teen years in the Philadelphia. His father was a professor.


Rising to Power

In 1988, Benjamin  was elected a member of the Knesset by the Likud Party.  Benjamin served as a deputy minister for foreign affairs. A couple years later he was elected chairman of the Likud Party, as well as it's prime minister. In 1996 Benjamin was elected prime minister of Israel.

Style of Government

While Benjamin was in his term as prime minister, Benjamin worked in the private sector and toured on the league circuit. He served as prime minister from 1996-1999.


Benjamin's priorities were to expand government privatization, liberalized currency regulations, and reduced deficits.  

Foreign Policies

In November 2013, Benjamin objected to the deal reached between the United states and Iran regarding Iran's nuclear program.

A Current Event

In June 2009, Benjamin went to talk to President Obama for an agreement.


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