Classroom Friendly Apps

Useful tools for teachers K-12

Writing Prompts for Children

This app provides prompts for children in the creative writing process. There are buttons that will randomly generate situations, characters, settings, and objects. This app can be used in creative writing journals. Each day you can use this app to provide prompts for the students to write a story about in their journal.

The Human Body Explained By Tom - Discovery

This app is a discovery app about the human body. Children can explore the different parts of the body while learning interesting facts about it. This app would be a good supplement to health class. The children can learn what they need to do to keep their body healthy, and what effects certain stimulus can have on the human body.


This app is a highly configurable math app that is able to be used through elementary school. From simple, to more complex problems there is a variety of material available for student use. This app is very useful because each student's profile can be adapted to suit their specific needs. Each child will be practicing at their own level without having to create multiple lessons for each student.


This app is a communication software. It provides real time feedback to the teacher through use of polls. You can create quizzes to administer to the class, and multiple choice questions will be marked automatically. Short answer questions will not require interpretation of handwriting which can frequently be difficult to decipher. Students can also be asked to complete exit tickets about what they have learned that day.


This app contains information for your students to discover about the solar system. There is an interactive star map that will show you the stars and constellations that are located within the photoframe of the mobile device. It also shows you where the other planets are in relation to the earth. There are also 3D models of all of the planets for the students to examine. This app would be relevant for any sky science unit that you were teaching, as well as just for general interest of the students.

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