World War I
Photo Essay

Causes of the war

The first photograph depicts a Serbian nationalist being arrested by police, shortly after the heir to the Austrian-Hungarian throne and his wife were assassinated.


The second picture shows a large group of people raising their hats in Berlin on receiving the news of Germany's declaration of war.

#nationalism #imperialism

World War I Weaponry & Technology

The first picture is the inside of an armored train car in the spring of 1918. This is an example of safely transporting weapons to different places.

#totalwar #militarism

The second picture is a Red Cross vehicle which was designed to pick up the injured in trenches, which probably was not effective due to the non-durable wheels.


Soldier Life

The first photograph shows a group of soldiers wearing kilts and balmorals, having a good time; making goofy faces, smiling, laughing, clapping and dancing.    #nationalism

The second picture shows a French officer having tea with a group of English soldiers. #alliances

Civilian Life

Impact Of the War

The first picture shows a group of woman volunteering for the Red Cross.

#self-government #propaganda

The second photograph shows a Russian soldier being buried by some civilians where he fell.


Candles are placed next to soldiers graves in Eastern France for an annual event called The Four Days of Verdun, where veterans remember the Verdun Battle.


By: Lauren Brasher