Infant Project

Jayme ross

Infant Physical Development

3 patterns of physical development: Head to foot, Near to far, Simple to complex

Length and weight from newborn to 1 year oldGain one pound in the first six months. Average weight of a one year old is 20-22 pounds. Average baby is 20 inches at birth. Average baby at one year is 30 inches long. Boys are longer than girls.

Caring for infants: support the head of newborns. Babies can hold up their head without support at 4 months.

Teething: Their first teeth are called primary teeth. teeth start coming in at 6 months.

Dressing: clothes need to be stretchy and comfortable. By 6 months enforce clothing with padding for knees. use one extra set of clothing than what you have on.

Diapering: to prevent diaper rash change baby often. disposable diapers is cheaper and better for environment, and convenient

Sleeping: to prevent sids lay children on their back side, newborn sleeps 16 hours in a 24 hour time period  

Emotional Infant Development


shows interests at 1 month

expresses sadness between 1 & 2 months

shows disgust at 5 months

shows joy between 5 and 6 months

show anger at 10 months

Social Infant Development

At 1 month the baby starts to coo and babble

Begins to smile and show excitement between 2-3 months

Between 4-6 months the baby laughs, squeals, babbles and reaches out with hands and arms to play

Between 7-8 months baby will learn to imitate sounds

Between 9-10 months baby will learn to say simple words, objects if a toy is taken away

Between 11-12 months uses gestures and body language and likes to spend time looking in the mirror

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