Kathy Schrock's
review of thePresentation Note app


Presentation Note is really cool!

Presentation Note ($4.99) allows you to show PowerPoint presentations (PPT, PPTX, and PDF) including your speaker notes, via the iPad. You can import them from any number of online file storage sites (i.e. Dropbox, box, Sky Drive, or Google Drive). However, I used the wireless capability and moved the file from my desktop to the iPad via the local IP address that was set up by the Presentation Note app.

Once the PPT is on the iPad, you can present the slides, use a built-in laser pointer when you are projecting, and even bring up a blank whiteboard to write on during the presentation. You can also use the companion iPhone app (Presentation Note Remote) as a remote to control the presentation on the iPad.

The app works well and it very easy to use!

I used DispRecorder, an iPad app that is no longer available in the App Store, to record the screen of the iPad to walk through some of the features of Presentation Note.

Kathy Schrock  (2/11/13)

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