The Tough Life Tennagers Go Through

by Juliana Rodrigues

Violet with tight blue jeans and hair as soft as a rabbits fur.

Violet with sea blue eyes.

Violet whose parents aren’t so nice judges poor violet for all of her rights.

Is the person who sits alone gets disinvited to party cause they don’t want her there.

Goes to the restroom during lunch everyday with tears running down her face.

Gets bullied most of the time.

Wants to make a change in others life so nobody gets hurt like her.

Helps other kids in school to speak up for their own good.

Cares more than the nicest people in school because some of them don’t understand what she had been through.

Violet who was one of the ones who got bullied in school.

Provided anybody can change for the better.

Walks down the school with her group of new friend that helped her get better.

Because people who get bullied suffer and you wouldn’t want to be the kid who gets bullied.

Violet inside that closed secret life .

Inside her walls she kept unseen.

Inside her sad heart.

Is a beautiful girl that cares about others than herself.

Showed others that we have feeling that they can’t be mixed with because the quiets kid in school can also be the one who wants to take their life that night.

Doesn’t want people to feel bad about who they are.

Tried to inspire her friend in to stop bulling at school.

Stopped half of her school within few weeks.

Walks down the hallways now with a relied of others that aren’t afraid to be themself

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