Canada: We aren't just Colder we are cooler!

By: Morgan Ward

My favorite vacation spot! Abram Lake Park is the place to stay! The owners are super nice and are very welcoming. Abram Lake Park sometimes has performances on their patio (pic above). They also have church every Sunday morning. They even have a path into the woods that leads to a beautiful view of the lake! But the best thing is the dock, I have caught some of the biggest fish of their dock. I know there is a big northern under there because last year when my family went up there the northern broke my line at least 3 times!

They have a great location it is kind of tucked back in the woods but I think that is the way to be when camping!

We are lucky to be sharing a border with such a great nation.

This picture is of the Rice River in Canada. This is my moms favorite spot to fish. She caught a 27 in Walleye in the Rice River. The Rice River is a sanctuary and these sanctuaries on open on certain days and close on certain days but when they open one better be there because they have some of the best fishing.

This is a picture of one of the biggest walleye I have ever caught and I caught it on a little barbie pole. If you cannot tell by now the best thing to do there is to fish they have some on the best fishing and if you as the owner of Abram Lake Park he will tell you some really good spots.

Canada is more than you think.

Robins Donuts is a pretty good place to eat. You can't really go wrong with donuts, but Robins make the best ones. Robins donuts is located Sioux Lookout the Address in: 35 Wellington, Sioux Lookout, ON P8T 1E3, Canada. Just in case you ever want to go have some really good donuts!  

The Masala Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Dryden. It is a great place to dine in. They are actually ranked #1 out of 35 restaurants in Dryden. They have some great Indian and Greek food. Their address is: 205 Duke Street, Dryden, Ontario P8N 1G9, Canada.

The place to shop is in Sioux Lookout it is call the 5 Mile Corner they have great souvenirs for you. They have lots of clothes and accessories too!

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