The Amazing World of Gumshoe

Gumshoe and Missile

Gumshoe's Theme

More about Gumshoe...

Best Friend: Edgeworth

Job: Detective

Favorite Pet: Missile

Favorite Food: Weenies

Favorite Color: His coat's color

He puts "pal" at the end of most of his sentences

Funny Gumshoe Lines: "This year, I finally won an air conditioner!",  "The way I see it, if things are meant to be lost, then they’re meant to be lost. There’s a higher power at work here.", "Ooh! I just love pushing the buttons on elevators and crosswalk signals!", "Well, burnt things get burnt and then they become burnt things, you know?",

  • Edgeworth: I’ll be the judge of that, Detective Gumshoe.
  • Franziska: No, you won’t! I’ll be the judge of that!
  • Judge: No, no, no, no, no! I’M the judge around here! And I’LL be the judge of that!
  • Gumshoe: Why can’t you guys be a little less judgmental…?

"You, Wolf-man and the secretary lady! Hold it! Objection! Pal!", "Gum, huh? This is gonna be a great year for this ol’ Gumshoe then, right?", "I fell down 4 times on my way down here, sir!"

Gumshoe brings in important evidence!

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