Scenario 1

Chris getting Cyber-Bullied

If I were a part of the group of friends i would stop them from doing that. I would yell them its not cool. This situation would make me feel bad. If it was me I wouldn't be a bystander I would tell the bully to stop. As long as they think that bullying is a joke he will keep on doing it. Bullying is not a joke and it is not funny people commit suicide over bullying. Usually the bully bullies people because of something going on at home but they shouldn't bully people because its not cool.

Scenario 2

If me and my friends witness this bullying and did nothing about it, it sends a message to the bully saying that its funny. The bully will continue to do it because no one is doing anything about it.  The bully will think he or she is amusing someone so will continue to do it.

Some things that me and my friends could do to act socially responsible in this situation would be to tell the bully to stop what they are doing and to tell everyone to stop being bystanders.

If me and my friends choose to stand up for our classmate it would have changed our school climate regarding bullying by stopping bullying that bullying really hurts people.. Bullying is not cool and is not a good thing to do.

In this case of supporting our classmate the message that communicated to they bullies and/or bullies is to slop bullying because its not cool.

Some things we could do to make our school safer is by telling if anyone gets bullied.