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Blog 2 - War turns men into savages

In the book that I have been reading The Lord of the Flies, I have found another cultural assumption that the author William Golding has introduced into the novel. In the book there are clear examples of the boys actions and how they have changed whilst they have been on the island. The boys perform wrong actions and completely different from when the plane crash where they were young mature British boys.

The cultural assumption I have found in the novel and believe the author William Golding has accepted and has written this assumption on purpose. The assumption I have found is that war turns men into savages. The author backs up my assumption by showing on the Island the violence and the deaths caused by anger. In the book Simon, a character originally in Jacks group but hated killing so he left and changed the other group with Piggy and Ralph. Simon was accidentally killed from confusion after running through the dark into the other group where they though he was "the beast", and he was killed by spears. A young boy kills Piggy by pushing a boulder of a mountain and crushing Piggy and cracking the conch shell. They hunt wild pigs and parade around when they kills one also by throwing spears.

I believe these actions by the British boys in the book The Lord of the Flies is inappropriate and unnecessary for the boys at a young age, where the deaths of other young boys is celebrated instead of mourning for the deaths.

The time of William Golding's era was a time of war and conflict between different countries, at the time there was a Vietnam war in the country, a war between the Algerian and the French and the introduction of the South East Asia Defence Treaty. Also the air force was brought into countries around the world. This reflects the storyline in The Lord of the Flies with the battles and conflict between the groups. The boys have therefore changed from rich and posh boys into boys that kill and fight.

This is getting very interesting and I am enjoying reading more and more. I will look for another cultural assumption that William Golding accepts.

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2 years ago

Hey Harry I really enjoyed reading your blog post and your book seems very interesting. I haven't read the book myself but it seems like your cultural assumption is a big part of the book. You have described and defined it really well making it easy to understand. I like how you have referred to specific parts of the book to connect the two. Maybe you could have include some direct quotes, that the boys said, from the novel. Its great how you linked you cultural assumption with what was happening at the time that the book was written with facts. I agree that by the sounds of it, the battles on the island are similar to the ones involving Vietnam. You have also succeeded in showing how the author feels about the assumption. You have made it clear that the author doesn’t like the idea of war and how it turns men into savages. From my interpretation, the author is challenging whether war is a good solution for anything and that it destroys who people are. Our books aren't very similar by the sounds of it but I look forward to seeing more of your posts. Great job Harry.