Laura Ingells wilder

By Rilley


My persons name is Laura Ingalls Wilder. She was born  in Pepin, WI 1867 . Laura died at Mansfield ,Mo 1957. For a  living she wrote little  house on the prairie books. And working on the farm . Her hobbies are writing books ,crafts, telling story about her childhood, art, astrology,  collecting things, playing games, puzzle, genealogy, Hendry, model making, paranormal .

Why she is famous

laura is famous because she wrote little house on the prairie books. Major accomplish is to write little house on the prairie books and to be a teacher. She made a impact on other people's life. Interesting facts she married a farmer . She was a teacher. She had a child named rose . Laura was a pionner girl. Rose edited the books and Laura wrote the books. They lived on rocky ridge farm. Her last home was in Mansfield ' Missouri.  For 20 years . Laura, amanzo , rose moved to Mansfield, Missouri 1894. The wilder family has a trail. Rose lived to be 81years old.

This is the real Laura ingalls wilder and the actress

Famous quot

Laura's famous quotes are I am beginning to learn  that the sweet and simple things of life are real ones after all. Home is the nickest world there is. The true way to live is to enjoy every moment as it passes and surly it is in the everyday things around us beauty of life .